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Published: 05/18/2016

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10 questions that the church does not want you to hear

What you’re about to read in this short, but to the point e-book will change your life in a radical way; a message of "Spiritual Awakening" that will fill you with inspiration and passion for the Gospel of salvation. You might not like some of the content in this book, but the truth is that God’s Word has never been easy to swallow because it always cuts deep inside.

“Tough” will make you stronger; there are no two ways about it. A strong-minded Christian would not be satisfied with a simple message that leads nowhere in his or her spiritual walk.

If you’re not ready to take a strong message that will cut deep into the heart, I would advise you not to read this book, but if you’re a strong warrior and are seeking to grow more in the Spirit and your walk with God, then, I’ll welcome you to read this message, but I must warn you, I’ll tell you the truth straight out the way it is.

The words that you’re about to read are not just the result of an inspiration, but are also the result of being confronted face to face with death every single day, in a place where you have no other choice but to live by faith and faith alone, and faith will always bring forth the truth in a man’s heart.

This message is the fruit of more than 27 years of struggle; 27 years in search of the true message of salvation and the true Gospel of peace; a search that almost brought me to renounce my Christian faith, but in my struggle, I did not give up, and today I can tell you with all the certainty in my heart to hang in there; don’t give up hope and be strong, that no matter what you might be going through, the Lord is there for you.

Beloved church, we are the only hope in this world, we are the light that shines through the darkness, and our Lord and Saviour is counting on us today. We are the church of God, and our revival has come, but not in the sound of clapping hands but in the sound of a gentle breeze that quietly enters our hearts to bring a message of “surrender all”, and this is the message that I bring to you today because, in my 46 years of life on this earth, I have understood that the love of God is a complete surrender for one another… The love of God is all or nothing at all.


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About the Author

Willie Estrada May 18, 2016

Willie Estrada

Willie Estrada was born in El Salvador, a small country in Central America. During his early childhood, he survived 6 years of war by fleeing with his entire family to the United States, but staying behind all alone at the age of 17 as his family was deported back to his country; being completely on his own since a young age, he found the Lord at the age of 19 while living in New York. He got married to a native New Yorker at the age of 21, but his wife passed away 2 years later. After losing his wife, he decided to move across the States, and back and forth to his country in search of spiritual renewal.

While in his spiritual search, he studied the Real Estate career, and became a licensed Real Estate agent for the State of Florida, but decided to go back to El Salvador in 2008 to be with his family and daughter where he has lived ever since. While in his journeys, he preached the gospel as an independent missionary throughout the States of Georgia and South Carolina, in the USA, and also has served for 5 years as a missionary at an Assemblies of God church in El Salvador.

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