Our Story

The Kbuuk Story

Kbuuk launched March 2012 after months of extensive software development. The team behind Kbuuk employs agile software techniques to build a suite of tools to empower authors to seize their own destinies. We’d like to believe that we’ve created the author’s ultimate service… everything an author wants, and nothing he or she doesn’t.

What’s our secret?

  • We make intuitive software. We don’t sell training because you don’t need it. Your job is to write; therefore, we don’t complicate matters with complicated processes.
  • We make powerful software. Our software does exactly what you need. We don’t muddle the power of simplicity with the horror of complexity.
  • We treat authors as entrepreneurs. We are entrepreneurs and you are entrepreneurs, and as entrepreneurs, we know you value simple, consistent, and powerful tools that help you connect with your customers.
  • We don’t hide fees or plot “gotcha” pricing. Our prices are straightforward and the same for all of our users. Our pricing structure will not change after you start using the software, just when we have you hooked on how awesome it really is.
  • We believe great service is everything. Our staff is hired to serve you. Without our customers, we are nothing, and we know that.

We exist to help you be more successful.

How? By letting you do your thing. We believe your highest and best use is writing great books that share stories, inspire change, teach others, and enrich the world. That’s a big task. So worrying about converting your word file into an e-book or wading through the endless publishing processes on multiple distribution channels should not waste your time. With Kbuuk, we’ve created a powerful platform that empowers you to focus on your best use and automate the rest.

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    Inspired by the past and excited for the future, Kbuuk charges ahead.

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    Kbuuk empowers authors worldwide. Come see what empowers us!

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