21 Friday Jun, 2013

10 Fun Things Indie Authors Can Do On Kbuuk

Whether you’ve been using Kbuuk since we launched, or you’re new to the platform here are 10 features that are fun to use that will help you out in your self-publishing journey. Interact with readers. What’s the best way to sell more books? Know and understand who your readers are. The Kbuuk platform allows for […]

24 Friday May, 2013

Cheers! Knowing Your Pub(lishing) Terms – Part I

While we all know the importance of being able to confidently order a signature drink at a bar while winking at someone across the room – “Hey bartender, I’ll have the mango mojito,” we thought you might want to learn some other pub terms as well, just to round yourself out. Below, a small handful […]

03 Wednesday Apr, 2013

How to Celebrate National Poetry Month

Poetry is strange and wonderful thing. It can be short and free flowing or epic and structured and everything in between. From Haikus to Ballads to Sonnets, couplets and quatrains, exact rhyme and slant rhyme, rhythm and meter. There are so many ins and outs that make up the great literary form we know and […]

26 Tuesday Feb, 2013

Word Matters

As writers we have a responsibility to preserve a language that helps us to communicate with one another. It is important that we know the rules, and that we try to adhere to them, or at least when we bend and break them, it’s for the sake of improving communication, rather than impeding it. Today […]

21 Thursday Feb, 2013

Kbuuk Responds to the Changing Needs of the Modern Self-Published Author and Small Publisher

Last week was O’Reilly’s Tools of Change Conference (Maria Popova of Brain Pickings and Evan Williams of Twitter, yeah @ev, gave talks, we’re sure those would have been fun), and coming up this week will be the TED conference. In March SXSWi will be right down the street from us here in Austin, TX (we’re headquartered in Houston […]

31 Friday May, 2013

Cheers! Knowing Your Pub(lishing) Terms – Part II

Here’s to a second round of handy pub terms! Please write responsibly… Query Letter – This is a letter writers send to publishers or literary agents in efforts to have their work published. It’s like, “Here’s what I’d like to write about; interested?”  All of the query letters Kbuuk receives earn a boisterous, “Heck yes […]

10 Friday May, 2013

10 Things to Do Every Writing Week

Often the thing that hinders us from completing our writing goals is an ability to complete the writing. As creatures of habit, it often boils down to our daily writing habits. The reason books such as The Greatest Salesman in the World and The Power of Habit are so successful is because they focus on […]

28 Thursday Feb, 2013

Two Types of Christian Literature I Enjoy

We’re two weeks into Lent, and we hope you didn’t give up anything extreme, like the Internet or reading, but during this time of Christian reflection and abstinence, we wanted to touch upon the topic of Christian literature again. Previously, Christina explained reasons she didn’t like Christian literature. Today, she explains what she does enjoy […]

22 Friday Feb, 2013

Books Supplying Oscar Nominations – Oscar Nominations and My High Horse

The Oscars are this weekend, and the nominees for best movie include a whole slew of titles adapted from books. Christina shares her thoughts on books that are made into movies. Oscar Nominations and My High Horse Any time Hollywood turns a book I’ve read into a movie, I fight a strong desire to show […]

19 Tuesday Feb, 2013

Tips on Writing Relationships in Romance Stories

Today Christina shares her thoughts on what makes and breaks the relationship aspect of romance reads. Writing About Relationships…Zzzzz If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know by now that I’ve plenty of literary pet peeves. I know, who am I to tell writers what to do? Ah, I’m a reader, that’s who […]

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