24 Friday Oct, 2014

The Writer’s Notebook – An Essential Tool for Creativity

Winter is coming! And so is NaNoWriMo. How prepared are you? If you are going to be participating in NaNo this year (and why wouldn’t you be? It’s a great way to get out some raw material), the best way to start preparing is to get yourself a spiffy new writer’s notebook. The writer’s notebook […]

04 Tuesday Mar, 2014

Happy National Grammar Day!

Happy National Grammar Day! Yes, March 4 is a day dedicated to good grammar. National Grammar Day was established by the founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (SPOGG), Martha Brockenbrough, in 2008. To honor Ms. Brockenbrough and National Grammar Day, here are some delicious little tips that can help to keep […]

03 Monday Dec, 2012

NaNoWriMo Update 5: Keep Calm and Carry On

I failed again, most recently with NaNoWriMo, but this time it feels different. This time instead of getting upset, I’m just going to “Keep Calm and Carry On.” I was amazed by how quickly November came and went. It felt like I blinked and somehow found myself at the end of the month wondering what […]

24 Wednesday Oct, 2012

What Made this Fantasy Hater Change Her Mind

Today’s post comes to us from Christina. She discusses her initial reaction to her first adult science-fiction fantasy work, and how she was able to overcome her preliminary judgements through exploring other areas of the fantasy genre. For Christina it goes back to relatability. We wrote about this idea back when we discussed why people […]

10 Monday Sep, 2012

Bad Writing, Multiple Exclamation Points, and Other Annoyances – A Reader’s Perspective

Today’s post comes to us from Christina Ledbetter. Aside from being a professional blogger, she’s also an avid reader. With all of the great material on the market, an author only has a few short moments to make a lasting impression on a reader to convert them from window shopper to customer to potential lifelong […]

14 Wednesday May, 2014

8 Tips for Self-Editing Your Novel

As a book editor, I’ve edited my fair share of novels, with clients that have ranged from self-published authors to international bestsellers. I’ve even worked as a contract editor for Amazon’s Publishing Imprints. And while I recommend hiring an editor for anyone seriously considering publishing as a source of income, I know that it’s not always […]

26 Tuesday Feb, 2013

Word Matters

As writers we have a responsibility to preserve a language that helps us to communicate with one another. It is important that we know the rules, and that we try to adhere to them, or at least when we bend and break them, it’s for the sake of improving communication, rather than impeding it. Today […]

29 Thursday Nov, 2012

Helvetica on Wheels

Today’s post comes to us from copyeditor Lisa Kaitz of Goodfoot Editorial who also brought us I Still Love You, Mr. Vonnegut and Yeah, Right. We love Lisa’s writing style and acerbic wit, and we’d like to think as we come to the end of November we saved the best for last. We hope to see […]

27 Thursday Sep, 2012

Writing Tip of the Day: Get Your Settings Right

Today’s post comes to us from Christina Ledbetter. Today she offers some advice on writing about setting. In my own writing I’m struggling with this issue because I’m writing about settings to which I’ve never been. I hope that my readers will be forgiving, but I know they probably won’t be. I guess I’ll probably […]

28 Tuesday Aug, 2012

Four Things Characters in a Book Shouldn’t Do – A Reader’s Perspective

While we’re on the topic of editing and refining, our very own Christina Ledbetter discusses idiosyncrasies and elements of writing she notices while reading a novel. These elements are personal issues that Christina picks up on, so it’s up to you and your Truth Team of one, or you and your editor to decide whether […]

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