18 Thursday Oct, 2012

Ghostwriting – Part II – Why Should I Consider a Ghostwriter?

Today we continue our conversation about ghostwriting from yesterday. Elizabeth Rains provides us with some sound advice on why hiring a ghostwriter might be a good option for you. Ghostwriting – Part II – Why Should I Consider a Ghostwriter?  Hiring a ghostwriter might be just the route to seeing your work published sooner. 1. […]

16 Tuesday Oct, 2012

Writing and Music. Music and Writing.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Austin City Limits music festival in beautiful Austin, TX. Coming off the heels of the festival, I wanted to share a music and writing related post. I’ve mentioned it before, but music plays a huge roll in my life, and definitely contributes […]

12 Friday Oct, 2012

Writing Therapy: Dear Diary, Lies Lies Lies

As we’ve mentioned before writing is wonderful therapy, and for those suffering, it’s a great way to cope with internal strife. However, we don’t know how effective it is when one is embellishing the truth. Today’s post comes to us from Christina in which she discusses the horror of young relationships, and how writing as […]

10 Wednesday Oct, 2012

What my Neighbor Martha is Missing out on in October

Today’s post comes to us from Christina Ledbetter. She fills us in on how October has been treating her so far. We’ll let you read the good news for yourself, but we’d like to say congratulations to Christina for all of the great things fall has brought in such a short amount of time, and […]

08 Monday Oct, 2012

Words from Gotham

Today we visit New York City. Our guest post comes from Stephen Jabaut, a Manhattanite who is currently a blogger and also working on a few novella length projects. We can’t wait to see his works on Kbuuk in the future, but today he briefly touches on some of the literary history of his beloved […]

17 Wednesday Oct, 2012

Ghostwriting – Part I – What is Ghostwriting?

Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with the (somewhat, here in TX) cool October air, and enjoy it. As you may or may not know, during the month of October we’ve been trying to focus on horror and fantasy as genres and Breast Cancer Awareness. Don’t worry, more horror and fantasy genre posts are […]

15 Monday Oct, 2012

Boobs, Books and Women’s Health

Today’s post comes to us from Christina. Fair warning, she uses the word boobs a lot, but because it’s October, and we support breast cancer awareness. We told you we’d be covering the topic.  Boobs, Books and Women’s Health I opened Glamour Magazine this month to find a half-page spread of thumbnail-sized images of around […]

11 Thursday Oct, 2012

Writing as Therapy: The Start of a Great Memoir

Today’s post comes to us from Christina Ledbetter. We’re sorry that she’s been in so much pain, but we’re really excited for her upcoming trip. We see the potential for a great story in there! Writing as Therapy: The Start of a Great Memoir I write to you in lots of pain today. No, I […]

09 Tuesday Oct, 2012

You are the Future of Literature, and the Future of Literature is Now

At the end of September Kbuuk attended the Austin Teen Book Festival. We had a fantastic time meeting the young, enthusiastic readers and writers of Austin. Our message for the event was “You are the future of literature, and the future of literature is now,” a statement we truly believe. You can see photos from […]

03 Wednesday Oct, 2012

Deep in Edgar Allan Poe

Surely you knew we weren’t going to get very far into October and honoring horror and fantasy without mentioning the master of the macabre, right? Well, you were correct, so today Christina fills us in on her relationship with Edgar Allan Poe. “The Cask of Amontillado” still ranks as one of my favorite short stories, but […]

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