22 Friday Feb, 2013

Books Supplying Oscar Nominations – Oscar Nominations and My High Horse

The Oscars are this weekend, and the nominees for best movie include a whole slew of titles adapted from books. Christina shares her thoughts on books that are made into movies. Oscar Nominations and My High Horse Any time Hollywood turns a book I’ve read into a movie, I fight a strong desire to show […]

19 Tuesday Feb, 2013

Tips on Writing Relationships in Romance Stories

Today Christina shares her thoughts on what makes and breaks the relationship aspect of romance reads. Writing About Relationships…Zzzzz If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know by now that I’ve plenty of literary pet peeves. I know, who am I to tell writers what to do? Ah, I’m a reader, that’s who […]

14 Thursday Feb, 2013

A Lesson in Love: Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day anecdote we feel could only come from Christina’s repertoire. Enjoy, and be sweet on this heartfelt holiday. Xoxo -Kbuuk A Lesson in Love: Valentine’s Day The Kroger next to my house now has a giant tent outside advertising roses and stuffed animals and chocolates. I’m so tempted to turn this into one […]

30 Wednesday Jan, 2013

Did You Hear This? Audio Books

In recent news Kbuuk joined forces with VoiceBunny, a company that The Next Web named on of it’s list of 13 Promising Tech Startups to Watch in 2013, to provide independent authors access to the audio book creation process. In today’s post Christina makes the case for audio books. Just think of it as a whole new […]

25 Friday Jan, 2013

Dreams as Inspiration

In writing, dreams usually play a big role in that they inspire some kind of idea, scene, or conflict resolution that we’ve previously been wrestling with. Today Christina discusses dreams in writing as inspiration and how they can become plot points in other works. Dreams as Inspiration Several years ago, I had a dream that […]

21 Thursday Feb, 2013

Kbuuk Responds to the Changing Needs of the Modern Self-Published Author and Small Publisher

Last week was O’Reilly’s Tools of Change Conference (Maria Popova of Brain Pickings and Evan Williams of Twitter, yeah @ev, gave talks, we’re sure those would have been fun), and coming up this week will be the TED conference. In March SXSWi will be right down the street from us here in Austin, TX (we’re headquartered in Houston […]

15 Friday Feb, 2013

It’s Raining Meteors in Russia and a Writer’s Response

A few months back we offered a Friday writing prompt to spark imagination and spur the creative juices of our followers. Well, we’re back at it again. How’s this for a writing prompt: What do you do when a mysterious meteorite come hurtling towards Earth in the early morning hours over the Ural Mountains? First, […]

12 Tuesday Feb, 2013

Why I Won’t Write about Mardi Gras and Why You Should

Happy Fat Tuesday to everyone out there! Today Christina shares her thoughts on Mardi Gras. So don’t forget to do some reading, writing, and idea gathering during your purple, green, and gold revelries and laissez les bons temps rouler! Why I Won’t Write about Mardi Gras and Why You Should Happy Fat Tuesday, Kbuukians! I realize […]

29 Tuesday Jan, 2013

Let’s Talk Book Covers

In our Author + Entrepreneur series we open the discussion on the importance of book covers as a tool to attract attention in a competitive landscape. The original post is entitled Author + Entrepreneur: Packaging – Cover Art & First Impressions. Today Christina reminisces about her favorite book covers in times past as well as what […]

22 Tuesday Jan, 2013

Handy Tips for Navigating Light Bulb Moments vs. Short Circuit Moments

Today Christina provides us with some important tips for navigating those light bulb moments, and turning them into sunrise moments. We like that… sunrise moments. Handy Tips for Navigating Light Bulb Moments vs. Short Circuit Moments Most of my light bulb moments happen early in the morning, after I’ve drank two cups of tea. I […]

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