01 Thursday Nov, 2012

To November! To the Next Chapter in the Great American Story, Novembeards, and NaNoWriMo!

October has passed, and November has arrived. And what an exciting month it’s going to be! There are so many great things going on this month, it’s hard to know where to begin on what we’ll be covering on the blog. If we’re talking events of global proportions, how about that upcoming U.S. presidential election? […]

30 Tuesday Oct, 2012

Am I a Fantasy Fiction Junkie?

Today’s post comes to us from Christina. She had a revelation at one of our recent lunch meetings to discuss upcoming posts and scheduling and the fantasy genre. Am I a Fantasy Fiction Junkie? Let’s all get one thing straight. I never wanted to be known as the girl who’s into fantasy fiction. I wanted […]

26 Friday Oct, 2012

Halloween Weekend Reads

Halloween is hands down one of my favorite holidays, and today marks the beginning of the Halloween weekend. Being Halloween weekend, not only is it time to break out the costumes and candy, but Halloween weekend is also my weekend to indulge in horror and fantasy books and movies. As far as movies go I’m […]

24 Wednesday Oct, 2012

What Made this Fantasy Hater Change Her Mind

Today’s post comes to us from Christina. She discusses her initial reaction to her first adult science-fiction fantasy work, and how she was able to overcome her preliminary judgements through exploring other areas of the fantasy genre. For Christina it goes back to relatability. We wrote about this idea back when we discussed why people […]

22 Monday Oct, 2012

True Crime

Today’s post comes to us from Christina. She discusses reading true crime novels and her own terrifying experiences that could inspire a few horror-filled scenes. Whether you’re writing true crime or fiction of the horror persuasion, don’t forget to register for your Kbuuk account today. True Crime The first true crime book I ever read was The […]

31 Wednesday Oct, 2012

Trick-or-Treat! The Joys of Candy and Independent Authors

Trick-or-Treat! The Joys of Candy and Independent Authors I never really used to give my reading list much thought. In school it was always given to me, with some occasional flexibility if AR points were at stake and in college. After school was over, I only read fiction books based on the recommendations of friends. […]

29 Monday Oct, 2012

Fake Breast Cancer? Try Kbuuk Instead

As we finish up these last few days of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we encourage all of the ladies out there to be vigilant about their health not just in October, but throughout the whole year. Today’s post comes to us from Christina, where she relates as a writer to a bizarre tale of […]

25 Thursday Oct, 2012

What does Fall Mean? Apparently, Lots of Required Reading

Today’s post comes to us from Christina as she discusses her volunteering history working with young children, and as she prepares for her upcoming mission trip to Rwanda. What does Fall Mean? Apparently, Lots of Required Reading What does fall mean? Fall means I’m darn glad I don’t work with children any longer. I spent […]

23 Tuesday Oct, 2012

Indy Reads

Today’s post comes to us from Rebecca ‘Bek’ Ramirez. Bek is a Visual Communications major living in Indianapolis, Indiana who has previously published works in her high school literary magazine. As we mentioned, we wanted to get a taste for the literary flavor of different cities around the U.S., so today Bek shares with us […]

19 Friday Oct, 2012

What is a viral video? – Gangnam Style, Viral Content, and The Truth About Transmission Part II

It’s Friday, so I thought I would jump back to a lighter topic— Gangnam Style. Okay, okay, I know this post is late; however, if I would have posted it sooner, then I wouldn’t have been able to include this awesome example of steadfast fanaticism inspired by the viral phenomenon creeping dangerously close to 500 […]

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