Software, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Keywords: Software Development, Disruptive Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Agile Process, Scrum, Startups

Published: 06/27/2012

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Software, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


From David and Goliath’s epic battle to Ben-Hur’s chariot race, from the Yellow River Basin to Silicon Valley, Isaac Shi has distilled many ideas and wisdoms from history and applied them to modern day software development, innovation and entrepreneurship.

This collection of essays is filled with colorful historical figures, witty analogies and penetrating observations that shed light on the path of today's innovators and entrepreneurs.

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About the Author

Jan 31, 2012

Isaac Shi is a software innovator and entrepreneur residing in Houston, Texas. He is the co-founder of Pubsoft; a cloud based digital publishing software company. Prior to Pubsoft, he co-founded Prognosis Health Information Systems in 2006 and served as its Chief Technology Officer for 6 years. Prior to Prognosis, he was a lead architect of iHotelier Hotel Reservation system, which was acquired by TravelClick.

Mr. Shi is a software artist who has repeatedly created successful enterprise magnitude applications with a small team and an agile process. He is a trailblazer in the field of software innovation whose products have served as foundations for a few notable startup companies. He is a student of history and a shaper of future, a husband, a father of two daughters and a deer hunter.

Born and raised in Shandong, China, Mr. Shi came to Texas at the age of 22. It was a fitting choice for a man who always seeks new frontiers. In this sense, he is just another frontiersman in Texas like generations before him.

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