l'aria onyx

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Published: 07/22/2012

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l'aria onyx

In language, there is magic, and in a word, a thousand and one ideas. Even in darkness, there is light, and every virtue must be tainted with a fault.

Such is the philosophy of Sahm Ataine King, the acceptance of all the things that make the self; the coming to grips with the monsters and the heroes that exist within us all.

Enter the mind of a virtual unknown, an artist with a penchant for controversy, expression, and coming face to face with the self; enter L'aria Onyx, the newest collection of poetic renditions from Sahm Ataine King.

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About the Author

Sahm Ataine King May 21, 2012

Sahm Ataine King

Sahm Ataine King is a wandering soul looking for thoughts to inhabit. Being a person accustomed to many cultures, Sahm's does not hesitate to cross the line; no subject is taboo, and no word too is too hard to utter.

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