Ninjas of the 512

ISBN: 978-1-4657-7187-2

Category: Humour & Comedy,  Fiction

Keywords: Texas, satire, comedy, humor, ninjas, pirates, political

Published: 07/04/2012

Views: 419

Words: 25,990


Ninjas of the 512

A Texas-Sized Satire


Laid off from her job, thanks to Texas Governor Nick Harry's most recent round of budget cuts, high school history teacher Suzie Jimenez doesn't get mad -- she goes rogue. Joining a rebel band of ninjas in their quest to fight the power and the pirates that support it, Suzie is swept up in the ultimate battle between good and evil. Can one woman beat the system, or will Suzie be consigned to the dustbin of state history along with Cesar Chavez and her fellow freedom fighters?

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About the Author

Jul 04, 2012

Laura Roberts is the editor of the sassy literary magazine, Black Heart ( ), with a license to kill your darlings. A former sex columnist in Montreal, she is currently writing a second novel loosely based on her days in the Sin City of the North. For now she resides in a post-apocalyptic bunker in Austin, Texas with her husband and literary kitty. Connect with Laura online at her website,, or follow her on Twitter @originaloflaura for up-to-the-minute details on her latest work and assorted silliness.

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