Walking Wolf Road

ISBN: 978-0-9978426-0-9

Category: Fiction - Young Adult,  Fiction,  Fantasy,  Science Fiction,  High School - H

Keywords: young adult, werewolf , urban fantasy, supernatural, shamanism, teen, paranormal

Published: 09/09/2014

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Words: 108,926


Walking Wolf Road

Wolf Road Chronicles - Book 1

Uprooted and dumped in a small town at the edge of the Colorado mountains, Jimmy Walker is at odds with everything. He feels adrift, alienated from his classmates and even his own family. It’s hard being a teenager in a new town, struggling with grades, depression, hostile classmates, and a stepfather bent on making his life hell—

Until a collision with fate leaves Jimmy bleeding under the light of a Full Moon…

"[Walking Wolf Road] has everything. Ghosts, werewolves, romance, and some beautifully arranged prose. I hope to see more work from author Brandon M. Herbert on our platform soon!"
--Heather Weid, Kbuuk Reviews "Halloween Weekend Reads"

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About the Author

Brandon M. Herbert Jul 08, 2012

Brandon M. Herbert

Brandon M. Herbert is an author, artist, musician, entrepreneur, and voracious biblioholic. He was born a third generation Colorado native, but his heart and soul belong completely to the Pacific Northwest. He wrote his first short story in fifth grade, and hasn't stopped since. He enjoys writing Urban Fantasy, both for Young Adults (Walking Wolf Road, The Wild) and Horror fans (World of Shadows, Tales of the Underground). He is a passionate wolf supporter, and has spent most his life researching the history, mythology, and reality of werewolves, shapeshifters, and therianthropy. Brandon also plays guitar and does freelance graphic design when he’s not kayaking Puget Sound or quaffing inhuman quantities of coffee.
He currently resides in the Seattle area with his girlfriend, and welcomes contact at:

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