Monster Dreams

ISBN: 978-1-4763-4223-8

Category: Fiction - Young Adult,  Adolescence,  Fantasy

Keywords: Dragons, Monsters, Action, Adventure, Funny

Published: 07/16/2012

Views: 689

Words: 13,413


Monster Dreams

The Liars Tongue

Monsters? Yeah we have them. Dragons? Yep you'll find them here to.
Meet Keeyslor a young boy who's about to have the greatest dream of his life.
Follow the Dream Walker through the door of light and into the world of Hydrotherian. Where Monsters and creatures of different sizes hid in the dark misty forest.
Chew on the delicacy such as the redheaded screamer, but be careful or you just might become lunch for something as small as a marble, trust me Tangladons are not to be messed with.
Because of a small lie he finds himself hunting down the unseen Darkendun Dragon with the his new monster friends.
This fun filled story has something for everyone. Whether it's Pupils the three eyed purple money playing tricks or Boylee making wise cracks, you will laugh hard and marvel at the mystery of the Dream Walker.
The first of a new a great series, teaches kids about life's little lessons is a fun, fast pace, adventure.
The door is about to open, I dare you to have a Monster Dream.

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About the Author

JLWilliams_AZ Jul 15, 2012


Writer, Father to 4 kids, Mechanic, Just an all around good guy. I hope you enjoy reading our book.

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