The Russian Tourist Guide to London

ISBN: 978-1-4769-9302-7

Category: Humour & Comedy,  International,  Europe

Keywords: russia, travel, london, kiev, ukraine, culture

Published: 07/22/2012

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The Russian Tourist Guide to London

An everyday look at Russians in London

A collection of the best articles in Russian Mind magazine over the past year, this is one of the most humorous, dry, cynical, sarcastic, very black look at Russians in London - that when you go deeper, is a reflection of our own way of life too. You will love it!

Richard has a unique way of seeing relationships and asks questions about "why do we do the things we do? - that will have you reading each article avidly as you empathise with Richard's comments. You will not be able to put the book down.

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About the Author

richard bloss Jul 19, 2012

richard bloss

Richard is a Music and Languages Graduate of London University. He runs a Press Agency in Europe and is married to Ann - his daughter Zoe is an upcoming actress in London - and his teenage son Ben is an IT Media specialist - at least that's what he said yesterday...

Richard's main love is Opera and jazz interpretations of Bach.

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