ISBN: 978-1-4769-2097-9

Category: Fiction

Keywords: Fiction, Thriller, Novella, Supernatural, Paranormal, Mystery, Medium

Published: 09/13/2012

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Words: 34,418



A Median's Story

The world is a constantly changing place and nothing ever remains static. This is especially true for Median, Richard Weignright, as he battles to leave his past behind and move on. A new battle looms, though, as a sect of unfathomable knowledge and power threaten the very balance of existence. The only thing keeping the worlds of the living and dead from collapsing in on each other. Now Richard must fight in ever more surreal and hostile surroundings to save all he tried to leave behind, only his fight is much more personal then he could have ever dreamt.

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About the Author

Nicholas House Jul 30, 2012

Nicholas House

Nicholas House is a British born writer and academic from the South of England. He took up writing at a very young age, inspired by the stories of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Fascinated by the natural world he went on to study Geosciences at university. This afforded him the chance to travel and fuel his over active imagination, allowing him to take inspiration from a vast array of varied sources. Despite this Nicholas often includes many simple and often overlooked aspects of everyday life in his writings, entwined with the more grandiose spectacles he has experienced.

Primarily writing Supernatural Fantasy and Science Fiction, Nicholas has also written numerous pieces of published poetry alongside short stories and e-books. With a mind so full of ideas and an ongoing literary passion he plans to continue writing about whatever inspires him long into the future.

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