Danger Dan

ISBN: 1-4700-2291-5

Category: Humour & Comedy,  Fiction,  Fantasy,  Martial Arts & Self Defence

Keywords: action, cartoon, hero, comic, crazy

Published: 08/09/2012

Views: 812

Words: 13,356


Danger Dan

TV is not real life - but it is for this guy.


TV is not real life—but it is for this guy. Danger Dan, fantasy action hero and purveyor of puns, punches and pudge, has been a Saturday Morning cartoon star for years. Now he lives in-character even when the cameras aren’t rolling. But when an old friend comes calling, it sparks an identity crisis that threatens to tear his show apart.

"Danger Dan" is so tongue-in-cheek it goes deeper until it licks your brain. The action toons that so define our youth, the ones that catch us again when we're older as PG-13 blockbusters with more raspy-voiced muscle men, were priceless. But living in one is a whole different matter. Try it with Dan. See how it goes.

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About the Author

Aug 07, 2012

"Abe" Bram Clabby is none too shabby, looks just like his pappy but a little less flabby, occasionally happy and occasionally crabby, talks snappy looks scrappy and you're reading his rappy. In case this description does not suffice, he is a twentysomething college grad living in America. With more ideas than you can swing a cat at before it dies of curiosity, he has a different reaction to everything than you do, and will spend a lifetime striving to prove it. Case in point: see this book.

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