The Plonkermaker

ISBN: 978-1-4769-1965-2

Category: Australia & Oceania

Keywords: tin-mining, post war communities, Rossarden, Tasmania

Published: 08/14/2012

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Words: 101,321


The Plonkermaker

memoirs of a boy in a Tasmanian mining hamlet


A boy of the Tasmanian 50's only ambition is to follow his brother into the mine.In the Tasmanian tin-mining hamlet of Rossarden, the author lives his early life beneath the sprawling watch-dog mountain, Ben Lomond. His only knowledge of the world is bush horses, hawk traps, kangaroo treddles and the symphony of the ever-calling mountain jay...until it comes to an end with the a train whistle that takes him to the concrete jungle of a city education. The author has written his memoir essentially for his children, but also to paint a canvas of a baby-boomer, tightly-knit post-war society, now with the mine, long gone.He uses real names to let the memory of a good and simple demography, live on. Some readers have taken offence at the way memory is recalled, but should revel in the innocence of its recollection...and take heart that their names within the Plonkermaker will live on in the minds of generations yet to come.Print copies of this book can be purchased from

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About the Author

Aug 06, 2012

Paul Tapp, born in 1945, is an Australian award-winning broadcast investigative journalist, whose work in retirement is mainly non-fiction. One such works, described as 'forensic journalism' by prosecutor, John Agius QC, was central to a Commission of Inquiry into the police killing of a fellow Vietnam Veteran. Tapp uses these skills to flesh out his characters and give them reality-perspective. His early years in a mining hamlet with bush horses, hawk-traps and hunting with dogs, has influenced his first major works in fiction, his style in writing true to syntax construction.

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