The Spin Cycle

ISBN: 978-1-4769-3550-8

Category: Architecture,  Family Relationships,  Sexuality,  Drama,  Contemporary

Keywords: fetish, quirky, wheelchair, offensive, funny, dark, screenplay

Published: 06/03/2013

Views: 754

Words: 16,810


The Spin Cycle

A Screenplay

A young woman runs a laundromat and develops a fetish for guys in wheelchairs.

This feature script is based on the characters in the award winning short film, The Spin Cycle.

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About the Author

Jamie Horn (Preyer) Jul 07, 2012

Jamie Horn (Preyer)

Jamie Horn Preyer lives in Austin, Texas. She has been involved in the local film industry. She has written and produced two successful short films, "The Spin Cycle" and "The Funeral Singer."

Jamie is offering up her screenplays for the public to read. They range from the quirky, to the family friendly, to dark and offensive.

Note: The formatting isn't the typical screenplay format. It wouldn't transfer correctly for some reason. Please feel free to give feedback. Thanks!

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