Disquiet, The Police Killing of Joe Gilewicz

Category: Historical,  Literary,  Political,  Reference,  Police Procedural

Keywords: Joe Gilewicz, Vietnam Veteran, Tasmanian Police, Paul Tapp, Commission of Inquiry

Published: 09/23/2012

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Disquiet, The Police Killing of Joe Gilewicz

The Justifiable Homicide of an Australian VietnamVeteran


1991, Troubled Vietnam Veteran Joe Gilewicz, kicks a bull-ant nest when he misuses a telephone and threatens his wife. Within a few hours his isolated home is surrounded by an anti-terrorist cop squad, the SOG. A shot rings out at dawn and Joe is dead. Enter ballistics cop Stan, a fellow-veteran. He plants evidence to make the self-defence story look good. But he is a man of God and can't go on with the lie. He tells an inquiry about a piece of shot from Joe's gun..."I put it there." Enter the author, a fellow conscript Vietnam Vet who has traded his rifle for a pen. He documents formal statements and interviews many people including Joe's mum, a refugee from the Holocaust...who chose the wrong country to raise a family.This book caused a Commission of Inquiry. The author disagrees with the finding, 'Justifiable Homicide".He has written a prequel,"Build-up to a disquiet' and working on a sequel, "Disquiet Continuum,".

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About the Author

Aug 06, 2012

Paul Tapp, born in 1945, is an Australian award-winning broadcast investigative journalist, whose work in retirement is mainly non-fiction. One such works, described as 'forensic journalism' by prosecutor, John Agius QC, was central to a Commission of Inquiry into the police killing of a fellow Vietnam Veteran. Tapp uses these skills to flesh out his characters and give them reality-perspective. His early years in a mining hamlet with bush horses, hawk-traps and hunting with dogs, has influenced his first major works in fiction, his style in writing true to syntax construction.

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