Christal Knight

ISBN: 978-1-4769-3429-7

Category: Fiction - Young Adult,  Fiction,  Fiction

Keywords: Martial, Swords, Hero, Combat, Knight, Jewish, holocaust

Published: 10/01/2012

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Words: 70,744


Christal Knight

In post-rapture Houston, the time has come for a hero. That hero is the Christal Knight. Joshua Rankin, with the help of Brock Simpson, his childhood friend and business partner, works under the cover of darkness and anonymity to free endangered Christians and secure their transport away from the perils of the anti-Christian establishment.

Joshua's hardened, warrior facade is tested when a young, homeless girl by the name of Trena enters his life, and they are challenged to hold fast to their fractured family.

Within this high action drama is woven the historical fictional tale of a 1943 Danish effort to subvert the occupying Nazi’s and save the Danish-Jewish population from the horrors of the holocaust’s concentration camps.

As the pages of Christal Knight unfold, Trena learns that the capacity to alter and save lives is limited, not by age or strength, but only by the limits of ones selfless love. Will Trena find that capacity within herself, or will the struggles of her life leave her bitterly focused on her past losses?

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About the Author

D.B. Sweet Aug 10, 2012

D.B. Sweet

D.B. Sweet is well known for his many non-fiction and fictional articles, short stories and plays. Now, D.B. is bringing his talent for storytelling to the fiction market.

“D.B. Sweet writes with an understanding and sensitivity for the stresses and joys of family life, yet he has a talent for blending in realistic, engaging action within his storylines.”

D.B. invites you to read and enjoy Christal Knight. "Whether you are ten or sixty plus ten, I hope you will get as much from Christal Knight as I have received from crafting the story". ~D.B. Sweet

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