The Zoo

ISBN: 1-60695-075-4

Category: Family Relationships,  Fiction,  Fantasy

Keywords: zoo, animals, fantasy

Published: 10/08/2012

Views: 533

Words: 74,381


The Zoo

Margarita Brown is a seven-year old girl who wakes from a coma to find herself unable to speak or hear until she visits the Bronx Zoo where the voice of a giraffe penetrates her silent world. Margarita travels back and forth between the silent reality of New York City and the hallucinogenic fantasy of the African plains where a series of animals teach and torment her until one brings her back to her senses. Part contemporary literary novel and part supernatural fantasy, The Zoo is an exploration of a girl s awakening to a world that is filled with both beauty and brutality.

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About the Author

Michael Power Oct 08, 2012

Michael Power

Michael Power’s short stories have appeared in The Writers’ Eye, Finger Magazine and Coffee House Fiction where his story Kiss of Death was included in The Coffee House Fiction 2009 Anthology. His story The Eulogy was given Honorable Mention in the Short Story America 2012 contest. A staged reading of his play Digging Up John Barrymore was performed in April, 2012. In addition to novels and stories, he writes songs which he performs with his band Late Model Humans.

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