A Story of a Pioneer Family In Van Diemen's land

Category: Historical

Keywords: Kate Hamilton Dougharty, Van Diemen's land, Tasmania, Australia, Galway, Ireland, bushrangers

Published: 10/12/2012

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A Story of a Pioneer Family In Van Diemen's land

diaries and letters tell a 19thCentury story


I have always been fascinated with this little book. On reading its pages, the characters leapt out of a sophisticated part of our Tasmanian social heritage, rarely caught in modern writing. Through letters and diaries, a relative of our pioneering free settlers from a rather privileged class, painted a living and lasting memory of her forebears, their travails and their triumphs in a part of my State in which I spent my very early years. How often had I wondered at the lives of these people from these great properties of Bona Vista and Benham as I passed from the small mining hamlet to Avoca and to Launceston as a schoolboy. Nobody knew anything of them, except that they were landed gentry. This little book, now out of print should still be available. I have taken it upon myself to do just that. Through the advent of scanners and software and the world wide web, I have taken a cheeky liberty to re-publish and even elaborate on topics that the author never had access to. If you are reading this, it means I have been successful in working though tricky copyright laws to get this book back where it belongs. Out of the archives and back onto bookshelves. It’s been a long and worthwhile journey, which really pays tribute to Kate Hamilton Dougherty’s original works. I daresay she would be delighted at the knowledge of her book being resurrected from the many tomes of ‘out of print publications, Paul Tapp, March 2011

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About the Author

Aug 06, 2012

Paul Tapp, born in 1945, is an Australian award-winning broadcast investigative journalist, whose work in retirement is mainly non-fiction. One such works, described as 'forensic journalism' by prosecutor, John Agius QC, was central to a Commission of Inquiry into the police killing of a fellow Vietnam Veteran. Tapp uses these skills to flesh out his characters and give them reality-perspective. His early years in a mining hamlet with bush horses, hawk-traps and hunting with dogs, has influenced his first major works in fiction, his style in writing true to syntax construction.

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