Redeem Me

Category: Contemporary

Keywords: gay, m/m, yaoi, romance, love, interfaith

Published: 11/16/2012

Views: 601

Words: 48,109


Redeem Me

Love's roots run deep in a soul. It's not just the beautiful blossoming of love when two people meet. This story spans Corey and August's lives. To know the way forward, sometimes you have to know where you've been. Law is not very good for redemption. To redeem his lover, August will have to venture into faith, which may be a little hard for a man who seduced his lover in his limousine the first day they met and nearly lost him after sex at a nightclub. For the first time in his life - love becomes more important than sex.

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About the Author

Faith Luna Nov 16, 2012

Faith Luna

Faith is the author of many books, mostly m/m romance, but in lots of flavors. He loves anime and wishes his comics were better, that math was easier, and ice cream more nutritious.

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