Monsters In My Closet

ISBN: 978-1-300-43507-5

Category: Fiction - Young Adult,  Poetry

Keywords: poetry, teen angst, mary oliver

Published: 08/20/2014

Views: 588

Words: 11,535


Monsters In My Closet

Collected poems and stories by Ruby Urlocker

Young adult fiction: stories and poems.

With a vivid imagination and frank insight, Ruby Urlocker invites readers to explore her world and her monsters in this collection of stories and poems. Love, hope, dreams, despair, teen angst and other monsters all come to light in her honest and optimistic writing.

Includes illustrations by the author.

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About the Author

Ruby Urlocker Dec 10, 2012

Ruby Urlocker

Ruby Urlocker is a teenaged author, singer and songwriter. She has been writing and publishing stories since she was seven.

Ruby lives with her family and dog, Rufus, a wheaten terrier.

'Monsters' is Ruby's fourth book.

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