Rekindle Your Love

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Published: 01/19/2013

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Rekindle Your Love

Psychological Tactics for Big Success In Relationships

The road to love has never been a smooth one. From Adam and Eve’s problem with produce, to Samson and Delilah’s unplanned makeover couples have struggled to find and keep a healthy relationship. Most will agree that the secret to a happy healthy relationship is honest communication and common interest, mixed with a sense of humor and a liberal dash of understanding.

But what do you do when things are already on a rocky path? How to you preserve your relationship? Or even rekindle the dying flames of love?

This book will teach you the tools you need to have a happy healthy committed relationship that will let you get the most out of life. Rekindle your love will not only teach you the secrets to reclaiming lost love but it will help you to keep the relationship you have healthy and moving in a positive direction.

This book will help you to achieve the kind of romance you have been dreaming of!

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About the Author

Leanne M. Shine Jan 19, 2013

Leanne M. Shine

Leanne is living a happy life with her husband, Matthew and son, Nathan. She is very active in her community and works as a love consultant in her spare time. She has helped many women stay back on track when they have started to give up on their love life. Leanne enjoys spending time with her family and helping those in need whenever she is able to.

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