The Hidden Powers of Mind

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Keywords: powers of mind, subconscious mind, mental power tricks, unlock mental power, mental power secrets, inner power, change your life

Published: 01/19/2013

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The Hidden Powers of Mind

Unlocking the Secrets of Mental Power and Subconscious Mind

It seems to be common knowledge that we only use roughly a fraction of our brainpower. Have you ever wondered what could be possible if you could unlock that extra brainpower and put it to good use? Stop wondering what could happen if you began using more mental power and learn to use it.

This book will help you learn how to tap into those areas of your mind that you normally let run on autopilot. You will be able to take charge of your life and begin to use your mental powers to improve your life and yourself.

Your mind contains not only vast amounts of information, but untapped mental powers that you can unlock and begin to use. From the power of persuasion to the law of attraction, you too can tap into your own unused brainpower to unlock your full potential. Stop watching other people get ahead in life when you can do the same for yourself, starting now.

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About the Author

Ryan Joseph Jan 20, 2013

Ryan Joseph

Ryan lives with his family in Denver. During a convalescence from a major injury, he learned how the power of positive thinking can affect people’s lives for the better and made a study of the power of positive thinking and of how to begin to use the parts of the brain which are typically not thought about.

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