Dark Zone

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Published: 01/23/2013

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Dark Zone

Long time ago a satellite detected a massive star ship in the desert of Thar Desert, Pakistan. A team of scientist from all over the world was commissioned to research this massive artifact that holds the key to the world oldest and most thought provoking question.

Are we alone? Relto Sahi, who specializes in Indus and Sumerian civilizations, was assigned as one of the scientist. His task was to understand the alien language and find out a way to decode the language so that the origin of the ship could be pinpointed. But are the alien who designed this ship among us or is this there was to observe our civilization? What this discovery a mere coincidence or is there something more sinister behind the discovery of this alien ship.

As Relto answer these questions he soon realizes that nothing that he sees in the world is what it seems. What follows is a tale of man’s quest of truth and how he overcomes all odds.

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About the Author

Stephen Grisham Jan 24, 2013

Stephen Grisham

Stephen has been writing professionally since young and living in New Mexico with his wife and two dogs, Tobby and Champion. He enjoys writing science fiction as well as fantasy and had won a few writing contests for short stories when he was younger. He always had passion for creativity, in his spare time, Stephen would listen to the music of world famous composer Ludwig Van Beethoven.

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