Two Kid Stories

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Published: 01/27/2013

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Two Kid Stories



Just after my younger brother, Bobby, passed away, I kept thinking of all the things he and I did when we were young. I could be wrong, but I think that Bobby’s best place was when he was about nine years old when we lived right on the edge of the Long Island Sound in Branford, Connecticut.
I haven’t seen Emily since she stayed at our house overnight. She was four years old when her mother whisked her away from California to some miniature state on the East Coast. Yep. Last time ever.

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About the Author

Jan 25, 2013

Ed Gaulden - born 1945 - His father, a doctor, and his mother, a draftsperson. He moved from the East coast, Connecticut, New York, and to the West coast in California. He currently lives in South Carolina.

The Army was Ed's primary career. He held many positions in the more than 24 years in Service. Some of his best work was when he was assigned to create and edit various newsletters. Many of his newsletter readers worked at prestigious offices, such as at the Pentagon and the White House. In addition to newsletters Ed also wrote many Army technical manuals.

Ed's mother says he began writing at the age of five - one or two sentences. His best subjects in school were his English classes - except when it came to diagramming sentences! He hated that, he would ask the teacher, "So... who uses diagramming in the real world?", and "Teacher, can I make money diagramming when I grow up?" Most English teachers had no answer for either question!

Around the time when he was twenty-five he started writing short stories; many short stories ran from 3 to 8 pages - all with a ballpoint pen - those early stories are long gone. Getting a computer at age 33 he started writing more stories and saving them on floppy disks that, for one reason or another, also are long gone. "I shoudda backed my writing up!" A proverb he remembers quoting. Because, about six or seven computers ago, loaded with over 400 short stories, the computer froze up - a total loss!

Now there is the miracle of the USB thumb drive, a little thingy one can hide in anywhere. Those seem to keep his writing safe - hopefully - umm - so far.

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