Oh Boy

ISBN: 978-1-301-90072-5

Category: Fiction

Keywords: donkeys, illustrated childrens books, childrens bedtime stories, childrens animal stories, donkey sanctuary

Published: 02/13/2013

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Words: 6,248

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Oh Boy

Book 3 in the Precious Series


The night was black as ink. Not a star in the sky. Mari, Boy and I were in the field furthest away from the house and stables, bordered on one side by a small wood and on the other by a farm track. The only sound was the occasional hoot of a screech owl, so we were startled on hearing the rumblings of a motor engine coming closer and closer.

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About the Author

Jan 18, 2013

Sue enjoyed a country upbringing with horses,dogs and cats, but she always wanted some donkeys of her own.
Her first opportunity to own a donkey came when she lived in Snowdonia, North Wales and her donkey family has since continued to grow.
A combined love of rural France and the need for more land resulted in a move to the Charente in South West France, where the donkey heritage is still particularly strong.
Two donkeys, Precious and Mari accompanied the family's move and one of these has since had a foal. Two more donkeys have also joined the family.

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