Women Behaving Badly

ISBN: 978-1-4769-9161-0

Category: Relationships,  Self Help,  Non-Fiction

Keywords: Women, cruel, bullying, jealousy , bitching, gossiping, abuse

Published: 03/06/2013

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Words: 35,100


Women Behaving Badly

Exposing the Truth about Female Friendship


Alana Munro takes us deep into the unnerving yet compelling reality of being a woman, revealing a world where females don't nurture other females.

Women Behaving Badly shatters our assumption that all women are loving. It ruptures the delusion of sisterhood. It heightens our awareness of what goes on behind the sweet smiles. It liberates women from the emotional and often difficult prison that is womanhood. It exposes the harsh and fickle reality of friendship between women.

This book offers us nothing but the truth. Alana argues that the bonds between women are most often fragile and fickle. She also argues that the ideology of sisterhood is optimistic but unrealistic.Women are human beings with profound emotional short comings.

Alana also looks at how we can weed out the negative women, pin point suspect behaviours and most importantly how women can protect themselves from future hurt.

Alana writes candidly about her own personal experiences with women. She offers important life lessons and insights into the often shocking behaviours carried out by the fairer sex.

"The easiest thing to do is for me to feel upset and retreat to my bed, never trying to make another friend. Or I can dust myself off and learn from my stupid mistakes. I can even try to make sense of the ridiculous injustices thrown in my direction. My goal for this book? Simply to allow other women a chance to become more aware of the cruel games played by females, allow women the opportunity to pin point hurtful (and often invisible) behaviours and find healthy friendships again".

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About the Author

Mar 06, 2013

Alana Munro was born in West Lothian, Scotland on a Spring morning early on the 3rd of May 1981. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from an Edinburgh University, but her first love was writing. An only child, Alana spent many afternoons reading and writing. Many times she asked her mother for inspiration and her mum would think and say, 'Write a story about a day at the zoo', and off she would run with a pen and a piece of paper.

After many years of raising beautiful babies, getting lost in piles of dirty washing and drinking her body weight in red wine, Alana penned her first book, Women Behaving Badly.

In recent years the Munro family moved to Australia. They have three adorable sons and a loving dog named Evie who follows Alana everywhere.

Alana is in the process of writing her second book. Evie is still following her everywhere.

You can contact Alana directly by emailing her at alanamunroauthor@gmail.com or you can visit her website www.alanamunroauthor.com for more information.

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