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Category: Sexuality,  Australia & Oceania,  True Crime

Keywords: dangerous, sexual misadventure, Dr Geoff Boughey, Tasmania, Hobart, carotid technique

Published: 03/19/2013

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Get Boughey

Sexual misadventure in Hobart society's top-end...and a doctor gets life.


Dr Geoffrey Boughey was a Tasmanian GP who graduated in medicine in the UK. He migrated to Tasmania and entered practice in 1972. His popular practice came to an end dramatically in late 1983 when his new Fijian bride with whom he engaged in extreme sexual techniques, died after a lovemaking session at his home. Boughey was subsequently sentenced to life-imprisonment for murder and was released on parole in December 1991.

He refused interviews with all media including networks such as 60 minutes and through a friend made contact with the author several years after his release.

This insight into a man who carried his flamboyance all the way to prison for murder is in the public interest.

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About the Author

Aug 06, 2012

Paul Tapp, born in 1945, is an Australian award-winning broadcast investigative journalist, whose work in retirement is mainly non-fiction. One such works, described as 'forensic journalism' by prosecutor, John Agius QC, was central to a Commission of Inquiry into the police killing of a fellow Vietnam Veteran. Tapp uses these skills to flesh out his characters and give them reality-perspective. His early years in a mining hamlet with bush horses, hawk-traps and hunting with dogs, has influenced his first major works in fiction, his style in writing true to syntax construction.

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