Through the Looking Glass

ISBN: 978-1-4769-1341-4

Category: Relationships

Keywords: dating, love, sex, marriage, relationships, memoir, journal

Published: 04/03/2013

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Through the Looking Glass

A Personal Perspective About the In's & Out's of Relationships

Most books about relationships come across as the absolute gospel truth, without making much room for elements that don't fit into that truth. They also feel more like an academic read, rather than anything personal. This book is not intended as another gospel truth about men and women.

It is written from the personal perspective, and driven by the human element rather than the academic. It openly discusses the different kinds of relationships I have encountered, their surrounding social influences, and what usually plays out as the result. And it is done through one person's eyes; my own. You, the reader, are encouraged to draw your own conclusions about how it might relate to your own experiences.

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About the Author

Jamal Allen Smith Feb 20, 2013

Jamal Allen Smith

My name is Jamal Smith. I write articles on religious and social ethics, participate in inter cultural projects with others cultures and faiths, and an a hobbyist in photography, writing, and martial arts.

I have a Bachelor's in religion and philosophy, as well as a minor in psychology from Roberts Wesleyan College. I also have a Master's degree in theology from Northeastern Seminary where I went for grad school. Though the titles would seem to imply it, I do not align myself with any particular religious institution and have a wide range of interests that I study and read up on.

I like to write on topics that have a degree of relevancy to average people's lives. My goal is to try and connect with the reader, and present ideas that they may feel free to apply or not apply to their lives. So therefore, I write in a fashion that is less academic and more common language, while still touching on intellectual and spiritual ideas.

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