ISBN: 978-1-58385-182-1

Category: Nature

Keywords: Dolphins, Ocean, Whales, Cetacean, Yellowfin Tuna, Sea Lions

Published: 04/09/2013

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The Life and Times of an Eastern Tropical Pacific Spinner Dolphin


This is the story of the life and times of an eastern tropical Pacific spinner dolphin, from the moment of her birth, through her thirty some-odd years of life. Through joy and sadness, ecstasy and trauma, life and death, never has a book described in such detail just what it is like to be a dolphin. In a loose, yet structured society, formed and refined from thousands of generations past, these highly-intelligent, air-breathing, warm-blooded, sentient marine mammals live lives unencumbered by material possessions. Friendship, comradery, and a dedication to each other are the factors we have discovered about them, and the qualities we have come to admire.


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About the Author

Apr 09, 2013

Stan Minasian is an Emmy and Genesis Award winning documentary filmmaker and founder of EarthViews Productions. For over 40 years, his films on wildlife and environmental issues have educated millions of people on critical issues, and inspired and motivated public involvement in finding resolutions. His one-hour Discovery Channel primetime special Where Have All the Dolphins Gone?, hosted by the late Academy Award winner George C. Scott, revealed to the public for the first time the killing of millions of dolphins in purse seine tuna fishing operations, and was the catalyst for the three major U.S. tuna canneries (StarKist, Chicken-of-the-Sea, and BumbleBee) to accept only dolphin-safe tuna, which all but ended the killings. He is a certified diver who has spent countless hours observing dolphins, whales and other marine life around the world.

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