Toe the Line

ISBN: 1-4750-7925-7

Category: Fiction,  Fitness,  Suspense,  Thrillers,  Triathlon

Keywords: Triathlon, Thriller, Mystery, Seattle, Racing

Published: 04/09/2013

Views: 744

Words: 77,223


Toe the Line

In Toe the Line, triathlete Wynn Johnston who finds his ordered, predictable life thrown into disarray when his best friend and business partner is murdered in the Seattle airport. As Wynn begins to dig into the murder he discovers that his best friend was involved in a conspiracy that puts his business and his own life at risk. The murder forces Wynn to confront deceptive fellow racers, the potential bankruptcy of his business, and past loves he thought long dead, all while avoiding the murderer who is hunting him across Seattle.

My next novel, On the Edge, which also revolves around adventure racing, will be out in August. Sign up for updates and alerts on the release at where I post daily on writing, publishing and reading.

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About the Author

Dick Hannah Apr 08, 2013

Dick Hannah

Imagine Dick Francis listing toward adventure races instead of horse racing. Or how about Diane Mott Davidson's characters racing triathlons in lieu of cooking and catering. With a background in adventure races including being an Army Best Ranger 2000 competitor I try to provide a fresh voice and glimpse into the world of triathlon racing and fitness with a fast paced thriller. Prior to starting my writing career I spent four years as a team leader and squad leader in the 2nd Ranger Battalion. I try to leverage my military experiences into my writing. I work part-time as a fitness trainer and full-time as a technical writer, editor and corporate trainer. I'm currently continuing to work on other books in this series and look forward to publishing more soon.

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