Living in Limbo: The Beginning of the End

ISBN: 978-1-4769-1073-4

Category: Business,  Economics

Keywords: mortgage, mortgage crisis, foreclosure, bankruptcy, personal experience, middle income 

Published: 05/01/2013

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Words: 39,697


Living in Limbo: The Beginning of the End

How I Survived and Thrived After the Mortgage Meltdown and What I Learned Along the Way


The book combines a personal narrative about experiencing the foreclosure process with stories of middle income people faced with underwater homes and mortgages they can’t pay. It describes the author’s experiences with real estate professionals, bankruptcy attorneys, activist groups seeking to stop foreclosures, and others involved with the housing crisis. It describes her lessons learned from finally selling her home, renting in San Francisco, and turning her life around to gain success again. The book has gained growing support from individuals and groups active in this arena.

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About the Author

Apr 11, 2013

GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, PhD, is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and workshop leader, specializing in business and work relationships and professional and personal development. She is the founder of Changemakers Publishing and Writing and has published over 50 books on diverse subjects. She has received national media exposure for her books. Her Website is

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