The Last Witness

ISBN: 978-1-4769-4358-9

Category: Historical,  Fiction,  Medical,  World History

Keywords: Holocaust, World War II, Neurosurgery

Published: 05/24/2013

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The Last Witness


The story follows the life of Dr. Jacob Nathan, from the time he became a concentration camp prisoner as a teenager, to his post-liberation period in France and his immigration and long life in America. The narrative begins when Jacob Nathan is 102 years old. He is the last person still alive, victim or perpetrator, from the Nazi Holocaust. Just as most survivors live two lives, so does Jacob Nathan, and the book depicts these two lives by means of a series of flashbacks that the main character experiences during his last walk in a trail in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico. The surprising end brings the reader to one final realization, and opens the mind to further insight as to the philosophical issues that have haunted for so long those that dare ask questions about the Holocaust. Above all, the novel reveals that survival, success and love can soothe and heal but cannot erase what hate of one human for another can carve on the human soul.

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About the Author

Apr 29, 2013

Saúl Balagura was born in Cali, Colombia. Throughout his life he has moved in parallel universes of arts and sciences. He holds a M.D. from Universidad del Valle [Colombia], a Ph.D. in Psychology from Princeton University and a Neurosurgery degree from Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. His scientific work has been published in many prestigious journals including Science, Amer. J. Physiol., J. Comp.Physiol.Psychol., Physiol.Behav., Surgical Neurol., Neurosurgery.

His artistic output has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States. He participated for a decade in the Live Poets’ Society in Santa Fe, NM. He currently has a studio in Houston, TX.

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