August To Life

ISBN: 978-1-4762-2230-1

Category: Fiction - Young Adult,  Drama,  Relationships,  Fiction,  United States

Keywords: Rape, Murder, Abuse, Mystery, New England, Attack, Relationships

Published: 05/24/2013

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Words: 19,085


August To Life

Warren/Bennett/Johnson Volume 1

Around, Around, and Around they go. Where the blood stops?...Who knows?

A former red-head and present mother of three speaks from solitude from the bow of a yacht.
No one knows her, or her life except her children: above all her oldest son, Jonathan Warren, a seventeen-year-old high school football star with a tight lock on his life and mysteries not even those closest to him could guess.
When an accident nearly rips away his life, new classmate, neighbor, brunt of his abuse, and sole rescuer Lee Ann Johnson forces him to challenge everything he had ever been taught.

This is a short story and a prelude to "The Bleeding."
Also includes a sample of the "The Bleeding," the first novel and second work in the Warren/Johnson/Bennett Series.

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About the Author

Max E. Stone May 24, 2013

Max E. Stone

My name is Max E. Stone. I'm 25 years old. Since the age of nine, I have enjoyed shaping and creating characters and situations. However, more recently I've learned to sit back and let them take me on a ride!

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