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Published: 05/30/2013

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My Common Sense Approach To Marketing.

Mad Lady Marketing the blog, is now Mad Lady Marketing the book!

Her first book highlights twenty-nine of her original blog posts. All of which have been revised and updated. She also throws in a few new surprises which have never been posted on her blog.

Mad Lady Marketing has over 15 years of business and marketing experience. As a serial entrepreneur, she has “been there, done that” so who better to help you understand marketing than the Mad Lady herself.

Musings of a Mad Lady, will enlighten most, will anger some, but will inform all, about the unique roll marketing plays in the survival and growth of your business. If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or just someone who wants to have a better relationship with marketing, this book is for you.

Mad Lady Marketing gives it to you straight with no chaser. You will either love her or hate her but either way, you’re guaranteed to learn something new about marketing.


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About the Author

Mad Lady Marketing Apr 21, 2013

Mad Lady Marketing

She is a lady on a marketing mission. She speaks her mind and doesn’t hold back. In her special way, she drives home the importance of marketing in business.

She rants, she raves and you may feel as if she is beating you over the head with the proverbial stick, but just know she is doing it out of love and caring for you and the success of your business. She is not just mad (angry) but she is mad (crazy) about the marketing process and it is her goal to make you mad too.

With over 15 years of experience in business ownership, communications and marketing, this lady is giving you a piece of her mind, literally and figuratively. She knows her stuff and she has found a unique way to share her knowledge without being overly academic or pretentious. She expresses herself in “layman’s” term which makes her book easy to read and understand.

Mad Lady Marketing is the co-owner of Green Leaf Marketing. She is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and small business owners, appreciate the beauty of marketing even if she has to scream her head off to get her message heard.

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