Mysteries of the sea

Category: Fiction

Keywords: Mermaids, Fiction, fantasy

Published: 08/02/2013

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Words: 1,879

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Mysteries of the sea

Little girls will love this inspiring novel about how Melody, Rosie and Indigo saved Spectra Sea by bringing the three gems of the blue back to their rightful home. Well what are you waiting for? Open this book and enter the world of mermaids

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About the Author

Heather Gosling Aug 01, 2013

Heather Gosling

Heather is 10 year old, tall, blonde writer with an ambition to be a best selling author. Heather lives in a small country called Singapore. She is friends with another writer called Natasha, who also lives in Singapore. Heather has a big passion for writing Fantasy stories. The first book she ever published was Mysteries of the Sea. She first wrote this book in grade 4 during a writing lesson. A few months later she revised and edited her work and then decided to publish it using Kbuuk.

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