A Thought Tale

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Published: 08/22/2013

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A Thought Tale

In Presence of my Mind

A Thought Tale, contains the ideas, workings and science behind the most basic element or features of daily happenings. It speaks of the essence of life personal and aim at working towards the physical and wellbeing. Put forth when the mind is at its best and thought at high, it truly is what is at the presence of the mind, taking in much from the Yogic science and influence of it. A personal read rather to understand what runs through the cycle from Five Elements to feelings that bond us. This is written with the grace of my guru, and with his support. Hara Hara Mahadhev.

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About the Author

shanky Aug 22, 2013


Shankar Narayanan SGS, A follower of Shiva; lives with his sweet parents and awesome sister. Loves to read about Yogic Science, Religions, People and mind. Attracted by Hypnosis, often mystic and alone deep in his thoughts. You can ping him at www.shankarnarayanan.info

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