If I Had A Country

ISBN: 978-1-62890-154-2

Category: Political

Keywords: liberty, republic, freedom, responsibility, progressives, morals, honor

Published: 09/12/2013

Views: 459

Words: 21,805


If I Had A Country

The U.S.is Under Siege. It is quickly evolving into a Nation it's founding fathers would not recognize. Could the U.S. become a third world nation if this Progressive tsunami is not reversed? This book describes what the author believes will have to be done. Will a new Nation have to be formed or can the U.S. be saved? This book is the best hope for people who believe in Freedom, Liberty, Independence, Self reliance, Honor, Morals, Pride, and Smaller Government.

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About the Author

John Glover Sep 09, 2013

John Glover

John William Glover born 1948 in Clio, Louisiana. Joined the U.S. Air Force in 1970. Served over 37 years of combined military and federal service. Self made writer, inventor, historian, and home builder.

Has earned degrees in electronics, automotive repair, and government. Possesses an Air-frame & Power-plant mechanics license, plus a Commercial Aircraft Pilot's license.

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