The Party Jack's Paradise Guide

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Published: 09/22/2013

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The Party Jack's Paradise Guide

Just another wild day in a rip roaring life!

This work is simply a very humorous account of a very unusual person. Ride with the Party Jack as he cruises the strip in Myrtle Beach and rides the crazy train right on into the most famous night club there! Go camping with his crew on the edge of town following their rip raring nights and days out. If you wish, later on a week or three, you may wish to go hunting with him in a really nice lodge somewhere in the high Appalachian Mountains! Just jump on in and have a jolly swim with the wild bunch....You' ll certainly be glad that you did so later on!

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About the Author

The Party Jack Sep 23, 2013

The Party Jack

The Party Jack lives on the road and lives life to the fullest. He tends to be world wide, but he is just as apt to be local, dancing in the streets at the Farmer's Day Parade....or getting loud and wild at the Tobacco Festival dance...or at the moonshiner's Jamboree! Keep your eyes out for him, he just might be closer to you than you think and he enjoys the company of interesting, fun loving folks like you!

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