Just Juice It!

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Published: 09/25/2013

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Just Juice It!

Juicing to Heal and Prevent Cancer

There are 3 main reason’s to juice, and they are nutrification, detoxification and calming addictions (not the kinds you may be thinking about...)
Lets discuss each in a bit more detail, so you can see the overall picture.
1. Nutrification
There are many positive health enhancing reasons to juice.
By extracting and drinking the juices of low glycemic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and certain medicinal roots, we offer our body the most nutrients with the least amount of energy expenditure on digestion. The purpose of juicing is to focus all of your energy to heal.

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About the Author

An Oasis Of Healing Sep 25, 2013

An Oasis Of Healing

An Oasis of Healing is a comprehensive and integrative medical and healing facility that helps patients and their families learn to re-establish health after having been diagnosed with cancer.

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