Applied Freedom

Category: Poetry

Keywords: reflections, contemporary poetry, modern poetry, human nature, society and soul, emergence of consciousness, life

Published: 01/14/2014

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Words: 4,220


Applied Freedom

Applied Freedom is a collection of selected poems, which identify with what it means to be human, lost, devastated, aroused, and flamboyant in a manner that questions if one truly understands these concepts. The writing is constructed to establish an intense flow between every line, while presenting a complex and sophisticated tone. The style attempts to remind the reader that life can be as simple as it is complicated, all while forcing one to question their own inner demons in light of the truths that emerge in the pieces. The book is solely based on searching deeper into personal past experiences, utilizing advanced methods of connecting facts with personal opinions. It offers something relatable to anyone’s life and combines evidence or mixed notions into powerful resolutions.

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About the Author

Nikolay Boychev Jan 14, 2014

Nikolay Boychev

NIKOLAY BOYCHEV was born in 1989, Bulgaria. Educated in Canada and England, he has shown poise in management, consulting, and leadership through his vast international experiences, both professional and philanthropic. He constantly teaches and develops talent, coordinates teams, performs public relations, implements a vast global network among professionals across various fields, and establishes community infrastructure to stay and evolve. With heightened sense of innovation and continuous improvement, he is committed to life-long learning and effectiveness.

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