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Keywords: Conscription, National Service, Nasho, PTSD, Agent Orange, Diggers, Vietnam War

Published: 02/21/2014

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A finely written account of Australian army life on active service and the devastating effect this war had on many who took part in it. The last section of the book, dealing with post-war rehabilitation, will have special meaning for the families of such men. The book was on the suggested reading list at Canberra’s Defence Force Academy and used by counselling professionals and popular with secondary students for national service (conscription) projects.

"A book that every Australian family should read." (Fassifern Guardian)

"A novel based on memories so poignant and recalled so well that even a cynical reader can be moved to tears." (Gold Coast Bulletin)

"Compelling ... readers of ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT or viewers of Oliver Stone's BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY will recognise the basic shape ... Ryan's novel is a biography of THE Australian Vietnam veteran ... much to be commended." (Canberra Times)


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About the Author

Merv J Ryan Feb 21, 2014

Merv J Ryan

Three months after marriage I was called-up to be sent to the Vietnam war as an infantry rifleman and have drawn on my experience and knowledge from personal diary to present a fictional story of one woman and two young men, one militant and aggressive, the other a pacifist, who are conscripted and sent to fight in the jungle. Presently in remission from two major cancers attributed to Agent Orange exposure, I leave my novel VIETNAM CONSCRIPT as a legacy for present and future generations to remember that conscription to war in peacetime is a violation of human rights.

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