The Ghost of Switch Yard

Category: Fiction - Young Adult

Keywords: scifi, fantasy, adventure

Published: 11/11/2014

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Words: 116,836


The Ghost of Switch Yard

Book one of the Guardian Series


For fifteen years the world of Ever-Earth has been subject to rising temperatures causing droughts and famine worldwide. In the nation of Switch Yard, the rich holds what remains of the water hostage. They use it as a tool to keep the people in line by way of water rations. Unfortunately for the populace the lack of water is the least of their concerns when a mysterious force seemingly appears from nowhere and begins destroying lands and villages. They call this unknown force, the Ghost of Switch Yard.
When a young boy named Christian Castle survives an attack that killed thousands, he sets off on a journey to prevent a great war from taking place. A journey that will take him beyond the borders of Switch Yard and into the lands of Therongetta. On his adventure, Christian will make new friends and make powerful enemies. Questions of alliances will be asked and before his adventure reaches its climactic ending, the world will ask itself the age old question - do you believe in ghosts?

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About the Author

Nov 12, 2014

DANIEL FERNANDO DAVID is the author of Guardian and the Ghost of Switch Yard, and he plans the Guardian Series to span six books long. He is a dedicated father of a son and a daughter, an avid reader and self- confessed nerd at heart. He is an enthusiastic player of strategy based games; especially Chess and Risk. He doesn’t watch television but loves going to the movies every weekend. He honorably served with the United States Air Force Reserves, participates in community events in his hometown, and is a regular volunteer in his church, Life Empowerment of Moreno Valley, Ca.

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