Thirty Years Gone

ISBN: 978-0-9866871-6-7

Category: Science Fiction

Keywords: science fiction, thirty years gone, apocalypse, short story, louis shalako

Published: 02/22/2015

Views: 544

Words: 15,067


Thirty Years Gone

What would your town look like if the lights went out and never came back on again? Trevor Ratigan has lived long enough to find out. Seventy year-old Trevor is the closest thing to a general on hand when an invasion fleet arrives to seize the strategic Bluewater Bridge. In a world where cattle and corn equates with money and power, the rivalry between Detroit and Chicago is heating up.

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About the Author

Louis Shalako Feb 20, 2015

Louis Shalako

Louis Shalako began writing for community newspapers and industrial magazines. His stories appear in publications including Perihelion Science Fiction, Bewildering Stories, Aurora Wolf, Ennea, Wonderwaan, Algernon, Nova Fantasia, and Danse Macabre. He lives in southern Ontario and writes full time.

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