Biblical First's

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Published: 03/19/2015

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Biblical First's

Main Bible History

In this book you'll learn of all the biblical and historical first's. Where and who the first church was held, and who its pastor was. Find out about the first killer, liar, drunk, mass adulterer, and many others, were. Learn of the Justifications given by the Jews for the near genocide of the Canaanites, and who was responsible. Read about the first destruction of all things and the first cities of sin to be annihilated. Find out where and who the first Army of Salvation truly was. All this great knowledge and more, await you inside.

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About the Author

Jacob West Jan 14, 2015

Jacob West

A writer of more than twenty books in different genres. Books about life after death, Religion and Christianity, but he loves to delve into fiction thrillers and suspense mysteries as well. Published worldwide and always caring about those who buy his work. A teacher of spirituality and teen counselor who lives in Texas, he continues to thrill the world each day.

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