Biological activates: Role of Butea Frondosa

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Keywords: terpeniod; , DPPH free radical, Herbal medicine 

Published: 06/01/2015

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Biological activates: Role of Butea Frondosa

Butea Frondosa

Medicinal plants play essential role in improving the human health that is mainly due to bioa tiThe v/Biology compound such as macrocyclic alkaloid, terpeniod, phenolic glycosides and flavonols, flavoniods, cardiac glycosides, Tannins, terpeniod, saponins, steriods and phenolic compound. These compounds participat an important role in minimizing the oxidativ stress, cancer, cardiac dysfunction, and microbial inhibition. The butea frondosa commonly referred to as the ‘flame of the forest’ is extensively used in the Indian traditional system of medicine against ulcers, skin diseases, herpes,acne, boils, gas colic, worms and piles . this study was ex-amin the physiochemical constituents and their medicinal importance pharmacologicl evaluation in vitro.The present was designed to evaluate the antioxidant, cytotoxicity , phytotoxicity methanolic extract of butea frondosa. Qualitative analysis/study of methanolic cude extract of butea frondosa was carried out according to standard prcedures for the presence of diffrent bioactive/biological groups. The methanolic extract of the plants were evaluated for in vitro biological assays. (DPPH free radical) was performed to discoverd the free redical scavenging potency of plant extract. The result obtaind in this study recommanded that butea frondosa extract possess of bioactive compuond; flavoniods, cardiac glycosides, Tannins, terpeniods, sponins, steriods and phenolic copounds as were studied Further studies are required to isolate the major bioactive constiuents and to verify both in vitro and in vivo assays.

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About the Author

Dr. Rahmat ali khan Jun 02, 2015

Dr. Rahmat ali khan

Rahmat Ali Khan, PhD, Postdoc is a leading scientist and scholar in the field of Biochemistry with specialization in Toxicology and Pharmacology from Pakistan, especially renowned for his research in the various areas relating to natural product chemistry. With over 50 publications in the field of his expertise, he is also credited for reviving the higher education and research practices in Pakistan.
Rahmat Ali Khan has had a prominent record in the institute of Biomedical Sciences of Charles Strut University Australia in 2011 during his Post Doctorate. He received B.Sc in Biochemistry Chemistry, followed by M.Sc in Biochemistry from Hazara University. He received HEC indigenous Scholarship in 2006 to study for Ph.D in Biochemistry under the supervision of Dr. MR Khan and received Ph.D from the world renewed University (Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan) in 2010. He is Editorial Board Member of more than 20 International and National Journals.
Research Interests
Oxidative stress is determined to be involved in various human disorders such as liver fibrosis, kidneys dysfunction, atherosclerosis, aging, cataract, cancer and arthritis. Locally used medicinal plants and functional foods are considered the important wealth of the country to explore for their antioxidant activities. My research group is actively involved in the evaluation of pharmacological properties of the herbals. A number of animal models including carbon tetrachloride, potassium bromate, diclofenac and paracetamol have revealed the antioxidative potential of various fractions and extracts of different medicinal plants and functional foods. Isolation of various bioactive compounds is highly imperative in these studies in order to determine the potential pharmacological properties.

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