Names and their Impact on Behavior: Case of the Name “Muhammad”

Category: Theology

Keywords: Muhammad, Theory of Planned Behavior, Behavior, Names, Onomastic

Published: 08/14/2015

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Names and their Impact on Behavior: Case of the Name “Muhammad”

Names have great impact on the personality and behavioral traits of a person. Muslims mostly name their children (male) on the names of Companions (May Allah be Pleased with All) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). The name of the last Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) is used with most of the names like Muhammad Abu Bakar, Muhammad Umer, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Salam, Muhammad Junaid, Muhammad Ahmed and Muhammad Bilal, etc. No research has been carried out specifically by considering the name “Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him)” which is the world’s most popular name. This research was aimed at exploring the impact of the name “Muhammad” on one’s personality in the Pakistani society.
Data were collected through a questionnaire, 212 respondents were the persons having the name “Muhammad” and 194 questionnaires were filled by the parents who gave their child the name “Muhammad”. Data analyses was carried out with the help of AMOS and SPSS which show that names do contribute towards the behavior of a person and the name “Muhammad” influences a person to be kind, humble, truthful, serve the humanity, and do justice.

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About the Author

Raja Irfan Sabir Aug 04, 2015

Raja Irfan Sabir

Dr. Raja Irfan Sabir, a Pakistani National, holds a Post Doctoral Diploma in Intellectual Property Management and a Doctorate Degree in Integration Innovation Theory & Method, both from China. He has published more than sixty Research Papers and Articles in International Journals, Conference Proceedings and Magazines. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor in COMSATS INstitute of Information Technology, Pakistan.

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