The Pursuit of Unity in Time of Separation, The first three chapters

ISBN: 978-1-523-36689-7

Category: Literary Theory & Criticism

Keywords: Unity, Rasta, Quran, Bible, Inspire, love, elation

Published: 10/26/2015

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The Pursuit of Unity in Time of Separation, The first three chapters

United we Stand, Divided we Fall

A new age is coming; many among this generation are beginning to appreciate the noble connection between people around the globe. This book is a testament for this awakened ones and a revelation for those who seek an answer. It is tightly packed with truths leading to genuine peace and prosperity. Offering evidences from anointed Holy Scriptures of major religions, quoting the powerful words of great personalities and further revealing the actual messages of nature; it will lead the ‘Earthians’ to the realization of universal brotherhood and love. So it is written with the aim of creating curiosity and inspiration on the reader so to forward them towards the insight of the real fruits in unity and sympathy. And finally give humanity the courage to handle the global challenges together as one.

-‘The Pursuit of Unity in Time of Separation is the first book to internationally present the real power of unity with convincing evidences and compelling art of work!
The story in the novel roughly has three parts. Part one is the awakening part, part two deals with impacts and journeys and the third part will show the unification. The book will also have five paintings of my own and five universality pictures. Three poets plus quotes from Holy Bible, Holy Quran and Holy Vedas, and also from great personalities like Nelson Mandela, MahatmaGandhi, Mother Teresa and Emperor Haile Selassie the first. It will also contain music lyrics from Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Nickel back, one republic and Alpha Blonde. It will totally have 45,000 words

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About the Author

Elation Unifire Oct 25, 2015

Elation Unifire

Elias Gebru or Elation Unifire as he likes to call himself is a 23 years old Ethiopian soul. Growing in one of the slums of Addis Ababa, experiencing and witnessing the hard ships of the poor and the dissatisfaction of the rich, he realized the significance of humanity. Through his own enlightenments, he decided to dedicate himself to preach unity and sympathy. His Muslim mother who was a writer (especially poems) and his Christian father who really loved reading were his first inspirations towards literature. After his parents got divorced at his early childhood and was forced to live in the middle of different religions, life styles and cultures. To understand this diversity he studied theology, comparative religion & reada lot. His mother died when he was 14 years old. He was her only son to inherit her stuffs including her unpublished ‘Amharic’ literatures. Those literatures were the reasons he started writing.

Currently he is a fourth year medicine student at Jimma University, he has a certificate in comparative religion study, and he is editor of a quarterly bilingual magazine named ‘DANA’. He has also published a book called ‘Comment’ in a local language & English.

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